A day without rain is a glorious day! I spent as much time outdoors as possible – weeding, trellising the tomato plants, snipping the scapes off my garlic, weed whacking, etcetera. I’m not the only one who was happy to be out and about today.


Shadow took her babies on a tour of the yard.


They had lots of adventures, hunting and pecking, always staying close to their mama.


Shadow taught the babies about the joys of dust baths.


This little one couldn’t help but fall asleep, tired from all the activity.


Puddles enjoyed nibbling on my lupine which was pounded to the ground by the rains.


They Banty’s have had a little too much togetherness lately. Salty looks as if she’s feeling a little testy towards Clover.


Is this a hen’s way of saying, “Not today, I have a headache?”