It has rained for seven days straight. And not just drizzle, but on and off steady, solid downpours. I wouldn’t be surprised if the peas, beans, and squash I planted last weekend have drowned.

I’ve been busier than I’ve ever been on the work front. The upside of the bad weather is that it has encouraged me to keep to my desk for long hours.

Still, this is a holiday weekend and the closest I’ve gotten to nature all week are these pictures snapped through the kitchen window.

Chipping Sparrows

These Chipping Sparrows are the newest visitors to the feeder.


The Humming Birds (my personal favorites) returned for the season while I was hunkered down at my computer.


They’ve been zooming around like little fighter pilots. One hoovered at my office door today as if looking for a way in.


Today, the rain finally stopped and the skies cleared. For few hours at least we enjoyed being outdoors again. Before the rain moved back in. Still working on a deadline, I wandered outside now and again to take in the goings on. Thankfully, this Bald Eagle moved on after a few circuits overhead. It’s not the first time I’ve seem him perusing my flocks!