Four weeks ago, we tucked twelve duck eggs into an incubator. For 27 days Paul accepted egg duty and faithfully spritzed and turned the eggs multiple times a day.

duckling ready to break free from an egg

While in Pennsylvania for Mother’s Day weekend with my mom, I received a phone call on Saturday to say that two ducklings were trying to break free!

ducking hours old

This morning, duckling number one was shakily waddling around.

ducking hours old

In my absence, Hannah dutifully acted as photographer snapping pictures of the ducklings hatching. Our very first duckling hatched at Downeast Thunder Farm!

two ducklings hatched

By mid-day on Mother’s Day there were two!

baby ducklings in their brooder

They are now safely tucked in a brooder with a warming light. We wait with anticipation to see if there will be any activity from the remaining eggs.

Time with my folks is a rare treat and I’m enjoying it immensely. However, this is my first Mother’s Day away from Hannah and Paul. I’m totally bummed that I’m not sharing this experience with them so I can see their joy and excitement watching our first duckling hatch!

I guess this makes me a ducky mamma!