I was in our public library yesterday for a meeting when I saw this counter emptied and sitting on a hand truck. The librarian, a friend, told me it was on the way to the dump!

Much to Paul’s dismay, I gave it a last minute stay of execution. Along with another counter – but that’s another story that involves a shattered truck cap window. I raced home to get Paul, borrowed a pickup truck and raced back to the library to load up my treasure before it was carted off to the dump.


The question now, is what to do with it? It’s big. 74″ long, 27″ deep and just over 40″ tall. My home has lots of windows limiting wall space. The kitchen, dining and living room are all one big long open room facing out to the front porch.

My sofa sits in the middle of the room dividing the “living room” from the rest of the space. I’ve had an old library table (one of Mom’s treasures rescued in 1970) sitting behind the sofa – a bit too small for the job, but it served the purpose.


So what about this counter instead of a sofa table? It is big, but is it too big? Rather than a sofa table, it would be more like a move-able wall. ?Just think of the storage space.

It’s not fancy – stained pine and plywood, but aside from the drawer handles (which can be removed), it has a pretty style. Some of the thoughts running through my mind:

  • Add doors to the front?
  • Add another shelf and storage baskets?
  • Paint it a lighter color?
  • Shorten it by a couple of inches by cutting taking off the legs?


Here’s a view from the sofa side. Is it too much? Does it need to be relegated to the garage as storage? What to do?

For the time being, it’s going to stay here so I can live with it and ponder its future. At least it’s off the porch and out of the weather!