Pizza night is a sacred weekly event in our house. Skipping pizza night is cause for mutiny. The homemade beer dough is split three ways and we each make our own individual pizza – or calzone in Hannah’s case. I often cannot finish my pizza, so I wrap up the personally crafted pizza (topped with pepperoni, olives, roasted red peppers and pine nuts) and tuck it in the fridge.

Only to find, that when I return for said pizza, it’s gone. No where to be found. Clearly we have a Pizza Poacher in the house.

Who ate my pizza?” I ask (okay bellow). Paul boldly replies with statements like:

  • “I rescued it.”
  • “You abandoned it.”
  • “It was lonely.”

What is the statute of limitation before my option on my leftover pizza expires? Does anyone else see the wrongness of this? The violation?


This is what it has come to at my house. Absolutely no Pizza Poaching with out express permission!