The days are getting warmer and the snow has that mushy spring texture to it. It’s time to tap the Maple trees!

Chances are we could have started in February, but things have been a bit busy lately. Last year was our first experience making Maple syrup. The learning curve was fun, but we hope to improve the process this year.

In 2012 we ended up with 72 ounces – just over a half-gallon of syrup. We evaporated it over an open fire which gave it a smoky overtone. We’ve since dismantled the temporary fire pit, so we’ve only got a few weeks to sort out a new system.


This morning, loaded up with our recycled milk containers, tubing, taps, hammer and drill, we headed off into the woods. Hannah’s friend, Marcella, joined us for the outing.


Paul drilled the holes while the girls connected tubing from the taps to the containers.


Most of the trees had sap flowing as soon as the tap hole was drilled. Tomorrow, when we check production, we’ll move any taps that aren’t flowing to new trees.


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