Feeding the birds this winter has resulted in some uninvited guests. I’m careful about putting out suet before the bears hibernate. From time to time our neighbors’ feeders are raided by black bears. We’ve yet to have the pleasure. I like to think it’s the Ginger Beast (the dog) that keeps them away.

We’ve had fun watching this squirrel and his friend visit the new dinky bird feeders. He and the Chickadees take turns nibbling away at whatever goodies I put out for them. We’ve had quite a bit of fun watching the antics of our squirrels in the past.

squirrel at dinky bird feeder

However, this next visitor gives me pause.

uninvited porch guest

Yes, that’s a rat darting out from under the front porch to nibble at the discarded bird seed. This isn’t the first rat I’ve seen on the farm. I know they were swiping duck eggs when Dilly went broodylast spring. But, under my porch?


Why is it that I react so differently to each of these uninvited guests? They’re both wild animals, both rodents. One lives under my porch, the other in a tree. One has a cute furry tail, the other…

The question is, what craziness will we go through to evict the rat (am I a fool to hope there’s only the one?) that won’t harm the squirrels, chickens, ducks, and owls? For surely he cannot stay!