Skating on the Duck Pond

Hannah has been chomping at the bit to skate on the duck pond. After a week of highs in the single digits, Paul pronounced the pond officially frozen.

So this morning she laced up her hand-me-down ice skates and inched her way out onto the ice.


She’s not an accomplished skater.


But she wobbled her way across the little pond.


I finally got her snowshoe poles so she could practice without landing on her behind. Or head.


The poles as a crutch allowed her to find her skating feet and then she was off and skating. Slowwwwwly.


It didn’t take long this first morning for her ankles to feel the stress of her wobbly balance.


Kinda makes me want to give the ice a spin! It’s been a few years.

Or twenty.

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2 Responses to Skating on the Duck Pond

  1. That is nice to have the pond for the winter. We always had small ones down the road, so all the kids could go there. Though in our day, walking a mile, was nearby, lol.


  2. Judy says:

    I so enjoy your blog. You are interested in the same things I am. Thanks. Learning to skate brought back memories of my first skates.

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