The past few years I’ve baked goodies for friends and neighbors at Christmas time. The fact is, I’m not an awesome baker. That truth, combined with a hectic schedule in December, Hannah and I decided to do something different this year.

We created these little suet bird feeders, tucked them in a bag tied with a ribbon and a note that read: May you enjoy the beauty of nature outside your window this holiday. Merry Christmas!


I was tickled when I drove passed a neighbor’s house yesterday and saw the feeder hanging outside her sun room window with Chickadees flitting about.


We cut oranges in half and carefully peeled out the flesh (and saved the fruit for our holiday brunch fruit salad). Using an embroidery needle, I threaded raffia through the sides for a handle. We made homemade suet by melting equal parts peanut butter and lard. To that we added corn meal, raisins, and a variety of bird seed. We carefully filled the orange halves and then set finished feeders outside to chill until they set.

orange bird feeders

I filled silicone cupcake liners with the extra suet mixture to use as refills for our orange suet feeder.

I don’t think the birds will mind that I’m such a great baker!