Our Free Range, Organic Christmas Tree

For the past few years, we’ve been cutting a tree from the farm for our Christmas tree. These fir trees have not been groomed for the purpose, so they’re “au natural” or as Paul calls them – free range, organic Christmas trees.

Started out of necessity when the economy turned upside down, the tradition of home grown trees continues. Our search for a tree starts in the fall with walks in the woods. We tuck ribbon markers in our pockets in case we find the perfect tree. Invariably, the chosen tree is never too far from home, like this one.

Hannah's chosen tree

After much trooping around the woods, Hannah selected this tree.


She cut it down by hand.


When we carried it out of the woods it looked very Charlie Brown like. And a bit too tall.


Cut to size and decorated with our most prized ornaments our little tree shaped up quite nicely. Slowly, but surely we’re getting into the Christmas spirit!

Last year’s Christmas tree:
4 December 2011: A Downeast Thunder Farm Christmas Tree


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4 Responses to Our Free Range, Organic Christmas Tree

  1. I love your tree, prefer the sparse trees over the big bushy ones.
    Our cats are way to obnoxious to have a big tree, so I have a bunch of small prim ones. Your daughter looks so grown up in her photo.


  2. Sherrie says:

    I love this tree too, can you please tell me what type of tree this is? (A free range, organic Christmas tree). Thank you!

  3. Stephen Lightfoot says:

    This is the type of Christmas Tree we had when I was young. I loved them! They bring back such fond memories. We trimmed them with very ornate GLASS ornaments, artificial icicles, and something called “angel hair”. I have looked for these trees for years now and have not seen them. I just don’t think they are sold for Christmas trees any longer. How sad my grandchildren never got to see them.

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