A bitterly cold day found Paul and I outside running fence around the duck pond. Now that the pond is solidly frozen, the ducks don’t have much protection from predators. We tuck them away into their house at night, but they’re used to having the run of the yard during the day. We’re hoping that a fence circling the front yard, including the pond, will slow down our resident fox.

Over the last couple of weekends we put in metal fence posts – some cemented into place with others tucked in between. We’ll probably be out next weekend doing the same thing since we need a few more posts to finish the job.

building a fence around the duck pond

The chickens, curious about the goings on, danced across the icy pond. The ducks are not impressed with this latest change on the farm.

Gilfy crowing

On another front, Gilfy our incubator rooster, is learning to crow. It takes everything he has in him to force out an unimpressive croak.

Colonel on the birdbath

That makes four roosters on the farm with dueling cock-a-doodle-doos. It can be quite entertaining, but the Colonel (above) continues to be large and in charge. Although this isn’t quite what I had in mind for my birdbath!