Intellectually, I understand the value of a greenhouse, but this is the first time I’ve  really put the theory to test.

In mid-August, when summer was still in the air, I planted a second crop of green beans. Then September came and it was as if Mother Nature hit a switch. Suddenly it was sweater weather here in Downeast Maine.?I’ve?even had to scrape the frost of my windshield a couple of times.

A few weeks ago, I “borrowed” some of Paul’s electrical PVC conduit and made a hoop house over the beans. We open it during the day and tuck the beans in at night, babying them along. They began to flourish, growing strong with lots of blooms and finally baby beans. If I can keep these alive another week we’ll have a good sized harvest of green beans. In October. In Maine!

Row cover over raised bed

October Green Beans

I’m so motivated by this little experiment. I long for a REAL greenhouse!