Today felt like a gift. The last week of October and the temps on this sunny day hit 65 degrees. We took advantage of the glorious day and spent it outdoors doing “get ready for winter” chores and just enjoying what may be the last summer-like day of the year.

Hannah and Paul Working Together

We cut wood in the morning and Hannah helped Paul bury telephone cable in the afternoon.

Common Grackle at the birdfeeder

I got sidetracked at the pond bird feeder time and time again. Today’s visitors included a flock of Grackles.

Grackle in the trees

They alternated between the bird feeder and perching in the tree tops.

Chickens like Grackles

Every time they visited the bird feeder, the chickens came running to nibble on the feed the grackle’s dropped.

Paul enjoying the pond view

Even Paul took a few minutes to linger by the pond and enjoy this glorious day.