Miri and Gilfy are our Buff Orpington and Barred Rock mix chickens, hatched in June. They are now living (temporarily) in a dog crate next to the big girl’s coop where they’ve spent the last few weeks becoming familiar with the Girls, the Banties and the Ducks. They stick together wherever they go – quite the pair.

Miri and Gilfy

The Girls have shunned these sweet little chickens, so Miri and Gilfy have been hanging with the ducks. They follow the ducks everywhere – all the way to the pond where they then sit in wait. When the ducks explore the yard, Miri and Gilfy are close behind.

chickens following ducks

When we put the ducks in their run for the night, Miri and Gilfy scoot right along with them. It;s really quite cute, but they aren’t ducks.

miri and glify staying for dinner

Then the other day, Miri and Gilfy adopted Paul. They spent the day following him – no more than a couple of feet away from him at any given time. They follow him into the garage. They tried to follow him into the house, stopped by the French doors where they peering inside longingly.

Miri and Gilfy at the door

Miri and Gilfy appear to be in search of a Flock.