It’s been a weekend full of puttering – a little weeding, a little landscaping around the pond, a little planting of new lettuce, spinach and kale. A little photography along the way.

rooster watching over his hens

The Colonel ever watchful over his flock.

duck checking out the skies

Quackers checking out the plane flying overhead.

very loud pond frog

This little frog has taken up residence in our pond. His croak is much bigger than his small size might indicate.

rooster clover in the flowers

We have a border dispute going on. Clover and his girls think they own the flower bed. There’s Peanut taking a dust bath in the background.

rooster colonel in the flowers

Then the Colonel shows up and stakes a claim. It’s a delicate dance between these two roosters lately.

Wood cutting time again

And here we go cutting and stacking wood again. Didn’t we just finish stacking last year’s wood?