It’s been a week since we introduced the ducklings to the pond. Since then the big ducks have learned to tolerate the new ducklings and the babies have learned how to hold their ground.

ducks on the pond

The other night I figured they were doing so well together on the pond that I’d move the ducklings into the duck house. I may have expected too much too soon. It didn’t go very well.

Merging the ducks

The big ducks were not at all pleased with this change. They promptly left the house. Here’s Dilly sitting very dejected in the run.

Dejected Dilly

When I encouraged the ducks to go back in their house, they promptly gave the babies the boot, nipping at them to chase them out. The poor babies didn’t know what to make of all this. I finally gave up and put the ducklings back in the garage for the night.

Ducklings booted out of the duck house

My new strategy is to partition off part of the duck house for the babies. They can all sleep together, and hopefully begin to accept each other.

Project Ducky Unification started tonight.

Segregated duck pen

Keep your fingers crossed they can learn to live with each other!