Three weeks after Puddles and Gabby joined the farm we introduced them to the big ducks. The ducks didn’t exactly throw out the welcome mat for them.

Hera tried her best to chase the ducklings out of the pond.

chasing the ducklings out

Then Oscar joined the fray.

two against two

When they’d had enough of the bullying the ducklings said, “We’re outa here!”

ducklings say i am outa here

“We know when we’re not wanted!”

we know when we're not welcome

All in all, the introductions didn’t turn out too bad. The ducks tried to chase off the babies, and the ducklings stood their ground (their little hearts beating madly) after a few false starts. When the big ducks ignored the ducklings, Puddles and Gabby would fall into formation behind them, swimming circles around the pond.

We’ll give them supervised swim time each day and hopefully by next weekend they will be comfortable enough with each other so the babies can move into the duck house. Keep your fingers crossed!

Here’s a little snippet of today’s activities.