The sound of cheaping woke me out of a sound sleep at 1:30 a.m. this morning. A few moments to get my bearings and I ran to the bathroom where I found this brandy-new chick in the incubator!

Newborn chick in incubator

I woke Paul to share the excitement with him. He groggily told me to close the bathroom door. Considering that I’d been watching over these eggs, turning them and spritzing them three times a day for the last 22 days, I was somewhat disappointed with his total lack of enthusiasm.

newly hatched baby chick

So I went and woke Hannah from a sound sleep. She popped out of bed with the proper zeal to ooh and aaah over our newest addition. “Our Little Miracle,” she called the whole experience so we’re naming her “Miri.”

hours old baby chick

I proceeded to stay up for another hour snapping pictures.

chicken egg pipping

Stay tuned – we’ve got a couple of more chicks working their way out!

P.S. Paul finally showed the proper enthusiasm for the hatching of our first chicky baby after his first cup of coffee. After the sun rose.