We’ve had the girls for one year. So far they’ve spent their lives in the coop and run. Today, after attempts to make my garden chicken resistant, I let the Colonel and the Girls out of the run to free range.

This executive decision was met with dismay from Hannah. Given our trouble with fox, hawks, eagles and rogue dogs, this move may seem irresponsible.

Hannah and her favorite Buff Orpington, Little

Hannah, the chicken wrangler, and her favorite Buff Orpington, Little.

Their free ranging time will be limited to when we can supervise, but after the fun they had today, we’ll have to make this a regular habit.

I expected them to rush for the grass and weeds.

Buff Orpingtons

What they seemed to enjoy most was bathing in the dust!

chickens in the road

The freedom rangers are almost seven weeks old. Hannah has taken to tending them in the evenings. She asked if we can keep a few and not send them to freezer camp because they’re “cute.” Sigh.

freedom ranger grazing

And finally, to round out the chicken pics, a portrait of our Bantam rooster, Clover looking quite handsome.

Portrait of Clover, the Bantam Rooster