The two-day-old peeps ventured into the great outdoors of the Banty B&B today. A bit soon for this type of adventure in my eyes. I suspect that they led their mama on a merry chase. Shadow seems to be a very conscientious mama, but when I arrived home  tonight, she was trying to lead them up the ramp back into the coop with little luck.

They were not cooperating. They did not understand and were hiding under the ramp making distressed peeps. I finally reached into the pen to rescue them and Shadow hopped out to protect her babies from me. I managed to snatch up Peanut (yes, Hannah’s finally settled on names) and put her back into the coop. While I was scrambling after Klee (the white peep) Peanut popped back out of the coop. I managed to recapture them both, but they insisted on coming back outside of the coop to be with Shadow.

peeps heading back outside

Paul had to block the doorway while I snatched up momma and tossed her back in the coop too.

keeping the peeps inside

The babies immediately huddled under her wings, happy to be reunited.

safe and sound with mama

Paul discovered the peeps outdoors this morning and kept an eye on them throughout the day, providing them with food and water. He said that when they got chilly, they’d run back over to mama and snuggle up under her wings. He said at one point there was a bit of a commotion – something startled the grownups and wings were flapping. The wind from the flapping wings knocked the baby peeps right over.

baby peeps in the great outdoors

Bantam chickens are extra small chickens and their babies are so very tiny. When I scooped them up, one fit almost entirely in one of my fists. Right now, they are no bigger than the length of my thumb. Amazing!

We may have to install a screen door to keep the babies inside for a bit!