Freedom Ranger Chick Update

We’ve had these little guys with us for nine days now. It’s amazing how fast they grow. Look at the feathers coming out on their wings – and their tiny little tail feathers! They’re too cute. I hope they get ugly soon – meat chickens need to be ugly.

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2 Responses to Freedom Ranger Chick Update

  1. Shawn Dostie says:

    I will tell you this, my Freedom Rangers are no where near as close to my heart as my layers. I will have no problems taking them to the processors. I don’t consider myself heartless either. Perhaps it is just the sheer numbers of them. I have another 100 chicks due Friday.

    Shawn Dostie

    • Susan says:

      The problem is, I’m going to end up doing the plucking! We don’t send them out for processing, but do it ourselves. I’m still getting used to being this close to my food!

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