Brownie the Broody Buff

Yet another one of our girls has gone broody. Brownie is our broody buff orpington. She’s been sitting on eggs for about ten days now. It took us a while to catch on because nesting box five and six almost always have a chicken in them. They’re very popular.

Then it seemed as of Brownie was sitting on two clutches of eggs. When she got off the clutch in No. 5 to eat, another chicken would move in to lay her egg. In the meantime, Brownie would hang in box No. 6 and sit on the eggs there until box No. 5 opened up again. Crazy.

Brownie the Broody Buff

There’s almost a foot drop from the nesting box to the floor. I was worried about baby chicks falling out of nest and not being able to get back in. If any of the eggs are fertile, that is. I have some concerns about Colonel’s style with the Girls – it needs a little work – maybe a bit more finesse is in order.

I asked Paul to build a nesting box for Brownie that would sit on the floor so any chicks that might hatch would be safe. This afternoon we made the switch. Paul held Brownie while I transferred her eggs.

dethroning Brownie

Then I deposited her into this new, custom box.

New nest box for Brownie

She promptly hopped out and went back to the empty box No. 5.

That was hours ago. She hadn’t returned to her eggs by the time we closed the Girls in for the night.

I think I may have jinxed things for this clutch of eggs. I might feel worse if I had any confidence in the Colonel’s procreation abilities. Maybe Shadow and Dilly will have better luck.

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