Another farm girl has succumbed to Spring fever and has gone broody.

Shadow, one of our two Ameraucana chickens hasn’t left her nesting box for the past couple of days. Today was the first I’d learned of it, so I paid her a visit. She didn’t budge from her spot – even when I gave her feathers a stroke.

Shadow our broody bantam Ameraucana

Shadow is the sweetest little girl and she has a crooked tail that makes her that much more endearing. If she is successful at hatching chicks, Pepper is definitely going to have to find another home. He’s so aggressive that I worry about having him around babies.

Dilly continues to stick to her nest – although she moves it around the duck house daily. Today it’s right in the doorway!

Broody Dilly moved her nest

Paul had a little mishap today that sent Dilly into a tizzy. He chased her off the nest so he could remove the new duck eggs laid overnight by the others. In the process, he dropped one of the eggs. Splat. Cracked wide open on the ground. Dilly looked on in horror before launching into a tirade. I can only imagine what she was thinking as she watched the demise of one of her brood. She seems to be holding grudge – Paul is now persona non grata at the duck house.

Broody chicken. Broody ducks. It’s so exciting!