The March full moon is the Sugar Moon because it rises at the height of sugaring season.

maple sugar moon

It’s reported that the sap flow increases during a full moon. I hope this is true because the weather simply has not cooperated with our sugaring efforts so far.

I was so excited on Sunday when we tapped our first trees. The sap started running immediately. Since then the temperatures have stubbornly stuck below freezing even during the day. Today we saw a high of 43° F, but upon inspection, the sap was still frozen in the jugs. Yet, a couple of trees seem to have been producing despite the colder temps.

half gallon of maple sap

This tree has produced about a half-gallon of sap. All together we may have 1 ½ gallons so far; not too encouraging. Tomorrow we may see 50 degrees before temps dip down below freezing again. Maybe things will start running again for a bit. Time will tell!

More to come.