My cameras have always been point and shoot. Recently, I told Mom that my next camera would be a digital SLR. Shortly after that conversation I received an email from Amazon – a Canon Rebel EOS T3i had been shipped to me, courtesy of Granny (and Papa) Gadget.

Canon Rebel EOS T3i

Granny Gadget outdid herself this time. I take this gift as an endorsement for the BLOG –they (Mom and Dad live 13 hours away in Pennsylvania) like seeing the pictures and stories of life in coastal, rural Maine.

I have not had much time to play with the new camera since it arrived on Monday. Frankly, the SLR – even on the automatic mode, overwhelms me, there are many options to play with. Ultimately, a few lessons might be in order.

Yet, today I took it along as Hannah and I went for a hike in the woods.

Hannah's Profile

I love the ability to do really neat closeups.

moss in winter

The zoom lens is lots of fun to play with.

winter grass

Okay not my best picture of the day, but today’s track sightings included deer, possibly bobcat, and snowshoe hare – which look a bit like a momma and baby tracks. Aren’t they cute?

snowshoe hare tracks - mommy and baby

Returning home, I snapped this picture of Oscar and Dilly. The detail on Oscar is very fine – you can see the water droplets on her feathers.

oscar and dilly

So the pressure is on to learn the ins and outs of this camera. Granny Gadget informed me that she got one for herself too and I need to master mine so I can teach her how to use hers!

Thanks, Mom! More pictures to come.