Rooster Wearing Out His Welcome

Pepper, the Banty Rooster, is close to loosing his happy home. He’s one of two roosters in the Banty B&B.

Banty Rooster Wearing Out His Welcome

I think Pepper has a Napoleon complex – little in stature and big on aggressiveness.

He cock-a-doodle-doos at o’dark-thirty – before the sun is up starting around 3 a.m.

He cock-a-doodle-doos at all hours of the day. Clover and The Colonel used to respond, but these days they just ignore him. And, I think that ticks him off so he crows that much more.

He attacks the hand that feeds him. Literally – I have the blood blister on the back of my hand to prove it.

Hannah hates to tend to the Bantys.  She’s afraid that she’ll get her behind kicked by a one-pound ninja rooster. It’s happened before.

Whenever there’s a commotion in the coop, it’s usually because Clover is putting Pepper in his place.

What to do with this little guy? He’s not a very nice chicken. Our options are:

  1. Suffer through his nasty temperament.
  2. Sell him – he is young and handsome.
  3. Offer him free to a good home.
  4. Turn him into  chicken soup, which may be our only option if this post is widely read.

It pains me to think about getting rid of Pepper. However, the antics that were cute when he was a chick are a bit overwhelming in a full grown (if little) rooster.

Followup Note: Two months after this post, a man responded to our poster advertising a “Beautiful Bantam Rooster for Sale: $10.” He came by to collect Pepper who promptly pecked him. They guy laughed and said he liked a feisty rooster. Happy Day!

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One Response to Rooster Wearing Out His Welcome

  1. Betty says:

    We had the same problem with Beau. Having only 2 hens (Gladys and Effie) Beau was ‘wearing them out’ literally. He was a beautiful Wyandotte, and crowed at all times of the day or night. Miss the crowing, but I know our dog Shiner, does NOT miss Beau jumping out of the bushes and attacking.

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