Nesting box number 6 is the place to be if you’re a chicken.

We have six nesting boxes in our large coop, but box number 6 is the most popular. Some days we find all of our eggs in this one box. (Seven eggs today – a record!)

This is what I found when I opened the nesting box door this morning. Henrietta and Little sharing nesting box number 6.

Most Popular Nesting Box

Henrietta stuck to her guns and held on to her space. The problem is that the egg she laid cracked when it dropped. This is happening more often lately. The girls invariably kick out all of the wood chips we line the boxes with.

nesting chicken

I found an old door mat made from plastic artificial turf and cut it to fit the bottom of the boxes. The next time I checked for eggs, I caught Willow practically in the act. She hopped down, a bit indignant about the intrusion. She left behind a beautiful unbroken egg.

door mat nesting box liner

A parting shot of Henrietta looking very full of herself. Isn’t she pretty?

proud henrietta

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