I ventured outside at 7:30 this Sunday morning to let the ducks and chickens out into their pens, and replace their frozen water with fresh. The thermometer read 3? with a stiff breeze. It’s officially brrrr outside today.

I snuggled up on the sofa with a blanket and my coffee for a lazy morning. I spent a bit of time browsing some of my favorite blog sites on the Internet. I visited the library without leaving the comfort of my sofa and selected a book to download to my Nook. I checked email. I read a bit.

The moment my behind hit the sofa, Cinder abandoned her post on the rocking chair by the French doors and curled up in my lap – her favorite cold weather spot. Following my break for fresh coffee, she was back on my lap. Once I returned to the sofa after cooking breakfast, she was back on my lap. After my late morning excursion outdoors to check on the critter’s water, she was back on my lap. When I am not in motion, Cinder is my constant companion.

my constant companion

Today she was my lazy companion.

lazy kitty companion

And sometimes I had two companions with Ginger vying for my attention. She doesn’t like to admit that she’s a little afraid of the cats.

cat and dog