Last month Granny Gadget sent us (via QVC) this new six-plate George Foreman Grill.

George Foreman Grill

Years ago Mom sent us one of the the original George Forman Grills. It was handy, but came out of the cupboard only three or four times a year. This new version has yet to see the inside of the cupboard. As much as I hate gadgets cluttering my counters, this grill gets used at least every other day. It’s Hannah most favorite gadget of all.

What’s cool about this unit is that the lid adjusts to fit around whatever you’re cooking – even skinny things. The tilt for the entire unit can be adjusted – tilted for grilling so fat drains, or flat for sandwiches, etc. And the plates pop-out to go in the dishwasher. While we’ve used this to grill burgers, make cinnamon rolls and waffles, it’s the sandwich grill/panini feature that Hannah likes. She makes her special grilled cheese of Provolone, Parmesan and spinach on our homemade bread (made with the bread machine Granny Gadget sent in December 2010).

Hannah's Spinach Loaded Grilled Cheese

For Hannah there’s a science to the perfect grilled cheese – cheese torn up in tiny bits so it quickly gets all melty and spinach torn into bite-sized pieces.

Beautifully toasted grilled cheese on the George Foreman Grill

A perfect grilled cheese in less than four minutes. A quick and easy lunch! Thanks, Granny Gadget!

lunch of grilled cheese and tomato soup