Blessed am I to have a wonderful mother. Although I am 40-something and live 13 hours away, Mom still does her best to take care of me. Daily phone calls, care packages, emergency cash, surprise gifts just because; the list goes on.

I have always been a very practical person who thrives on having the basics – although good basics. Mom on the other hand loves her gadgets. I’m content with a quality Wustoff chef knife type. Mom is more the Ginsu -it slices, it dices, as seen on t.v. – kind of person. She likes a rice cooker, I use a pot on the stove. She is always intrigued by a newer, better gadget to make her life easier.

Granny Gadget

Early on in my marriage, Paul referred to Mom affectionately as “Granny Gadget.”? The name has stuck. The last time UPS arrived with a package from QVC, Hannah asked, “Granny Gadget struck again?”?

I pondered doing a post that featured all of the gadgets Mom has sent our way. Then I started looking around the house, cataloging the items she has gifted us with and realized gathering all of those things together is entirely way too much work. Although the visual of my living room floor covered with gadgets is a good one, I’ve decided to feature the gadgets one by one, starting with some of her most recent finds and my favorite ones.

Among her finds there are some winners and some losers. Follow along and see what you think!

I love you, Mom. Really!