The weather has been decidedly un-December like for Maine. We’ve bounced between frigid and balmy temperatures so often that our 10″ of Thanksgiving snow has disappeared.

Despite the lack of Christmasy weather we’ve carved out some time for a little decorating.

Hannah decorating a tree for the chickens and ducks

Hannah put up a few Charlie Brown style Christmas trees for the chickens and ducks.

A chicken Christmas tree

The girls look a bit curious about the new addition to their realm.

Paul carting our Christmas tree to the house

Hannah and I traipsed around the woods and chose this tree. We cut it down by hand (twice – it was way too big after the first cut), taking turns with the saw. We hauled it to the road and let Paul take it from there.

A little Christmas color

Some  pine cones, fir and pine greens and berries gathered from the woods make this birch basket look festive.

Coca-Cola Christmas

This old Coca-Cola crate looks cheery by the front door.

Downeast Thunder Farm Christmas Tree

It’s beginning to look a little bit like Christmas at Downeast Thunder Farm.