As I was tooling along one of Maine’s back roads I spied a lone cow grazing in a field. No fences of any sort. So I figured that he got loose from an area farm, but I didn’t see any farmhouse in the vicinity.

On my return trip, the cow was still there. It was such a pretty afternoon that I stopped to snap a couple of pictures. Only when I loaded the picture onto my computer and looked at them more closely did I notice that the cow is chained…to a porcelain sink?

cow and porcelain sink

What on earth? Do you think he dragged it there? Or did someone chain him out there? In the middle of nowhere? Or do you suppose that’s his water bowl?

cow in a field

Speaking of bowls, in this picture it looks a porcelain potty tank. I’m not too familiar with cows, but I don’t think this is an every day sight!