This week finds me on a rare trip away from home. Alone.

It’s my fourth night away and I am wicked homesick.

I miss waking up in the morning to the smell of the coffee that Paul made.

I miss visiting with Hannah while we wait for the school bus.

I miss checking on all the critters – even if it means shoveling duck poo.

I miss scouring the garden for weeds to feed to the chickens.

I miss my bed – although I did pack my pillow!

I miss my spot on the sofa with a warm kitty curled up on my legs.

I miss sharing that sofa with Hannah.

I miss the quiet time after dinner when we’re all gathered in the living room together reading.

Most of all I miss Hannah and Paul.

As I sit here alone in my nondescript hotel room, I have this reminder that I too, am missed. When I unpacked that first night, I found this note penned with glitter glue.

Thank you, Sweetie!

Missing You