The Turkey Dudes moved out of the garage today! Hooray!

Paul mucked out the meat chicken run and got it set up for the Turkey Dudes with a little shelter and a roost.

They were cautious as they explored their new surroundings. We watched them for a while as they settled in before we went inside to cook dinner. As the sun began to set, we heard a series of very loud yelps as if to say, “Hey! Guys! It’s getting dark out here!”

Paul has spoiled these guys, you see. He would visit them a couple of times a day to talk to them and I swear they answered him back. They wouldn’t talk to me at all. Go figure. He tells me that they like rock-n-roll and he would turn on the radio so they could jam to some tunes. Turkey Dudes, the times are a changing.

I went out to check on them just before dark and they were standing in the corner looking longingly at the house. Sorry, Turkey Dudes. Next time you’re in the house it’ll be Thanksgiving.

turkey dudes at seven weeks

The Turkey Dudes at 7 weeks exploring their new run.

Turkey Dudes exploring their new shelter.

The Turkey Dudes checking out their new shelter.

A few other snapshots from the day…

The Colonel and His Girls on a Roost

The chickens seem to like the improved outdoor roost I finagled for them today. I also gave them a rickety old three-step ladder to play on. At one point all the hens were on the roost the Colonel was sitting on the top of the ladder as if he were holding court.

Roosters Face Off

Did I tell you two of our four bantam chickens are roosters? Surprise, surprise. They've figured it out too and have been feeling their oats lately. Pepper and Clover get into little skirmishes trying to determine who the head roo will be. I wish I'd been a little faster on the draw to frame this shot better!

snake in the garen

This guy gave me quite a startle today. He, on the other hand, seemed decidedly unimpressed by my wild shriek.

Purfessor Snape

Purfessor Snape worshiping the early autumn sun.