At long last my mudroom is empty of all livestock! Today we finished the bantam chicken coop we started last weekend.

Clover, Pepper, Salt, and Shadow have checked into the Banty B & B (click here to see the coop going together). I imagine they’re a little confused about being moved out of the box in the mud room into this little chicken suite. Hopefully they think that it is much better. Tonight they’ll stay in coop and tomorrow we’ll introduce them them into the run.

The completed Banty Coop

The completed Banty B and B.

This coop is light enough that it can be moved from spot to spot. It’ll probably live here few weeks.

The bantys checking out their new coop

The bantys checking out the upper deck in their new coop.

The bantys perched on their roost.

Clover and Shadow perched on their roost.

The bantys in their window checking out the ducks

When the Bantys sit on their roost they can look out the window. At this moment they're checking out out the activity in the duck pool. Yes, they have neighbors!

Tomorrow we’ll let them out into their run to enjoy the fresh air. Hopefully they’ll like The Banty B & B enough that they go back inside at night!