Beautiful weather gave us the opportunity to work on all kinds of outdoor projects. Paul focused on getting wood cut and stacked for the winter while I worked on garden and turkey projects!

hawk circling over ducks and chickens

And you wonder why we don’t let the ducks and chickens run lose. As soon as this hawk started circling overhead, the duckies made a beeline for their pen! The chickens do not seem nearly as concerned. Wonder what that says about them? 

bantam chickens in chicken tractor

The bantam chickens seem excited by their new coop. They spent a busy day exploring. Unlike The Girls, the Bantys knew exactly where to head when the sun started setting. 

ducks checking out their new neighbors

The ducks are checking out the Bantys, their new neighbors. They do not look impressed.

turkeys in brooder

The “Turkey Dudes” as Paul calls them have new digs. They were getting too tall for their brooder. We modified the downstairs of the double decker brooder so they have a little more head room. They have a few more weeks before they move out of the garage into their outdoor pen.

hand feeding chickens

Hannah hand feeding the chickens some tasty clover. Look at that rooster jump! Recognize that vintage Wittenburg t-shirt, Mom?