Hannah was on a mission today. Unbeknownst to me, she had a plan for lunch.

While I was outside working, Hannah was busy in the kitchen. Here’s what I found when I popped inside for a moment. She made a white bread dough using the bread machine and then formed them into rounds and baked them with an egg wash that gave them this lovely golden color.

fresh from the oven bread

Beautiful rounds of bread ready to be turned into individual bowls for soup. She cut the tops off and peeled out the bread inside (and munched it herself) to create bowls. .

bread bowl

So we took advantage of this beautiful late summer day and set the table on the porch for a girls lunch.

Table for Two

Here, I have a beautiful bread bowl with bean soup (Campbell’s soup!).

bean soup bowl

Hannah had tomato soup that she enhanced with egg noodles.

tomato noodle soup bowl

Mid-September in Maine means there will not be too many more opportunities for luncheons like this one!