The ducks have finally moved out of the garage brooder and into their permanent digs. One month old and they’ve left home.

Repurposed Chicken House

New duck house

This little structure was the house and run for our first batch of meat chickens. We came to the realization that the meat chickens did not need such a fancy setup since they use it for just a month or so before harvest. Therefore, we decided to re-purpose this house and pen for the ducks.

Now that the ducks have moved in, we are going to remodel. Paul plans to build a shed-style roof to replace the flat roof. This modification will give the ducks more headroom and will allow the snow to slide off during the winter.

I’ve provided some shade with a tarp over part of their pen. Ultimately, we’ll replace that with something a little more permanent. The house portion has wood shavings for bedding. Their food and water are outside in the pen. They can move between the pen and house at will, day or night.

The view of the ducks from my deck…

Duck house from the deck

A door in the end of their pen that leads to a “play area” that we will open during the day. For now this will have their swimming pool. Down the road we’ll likely fence in a larger area and dig a small pond for the ducks.

Happy ducks in their new yard

We still have a bit more work to do, but at least all of the fowl are now in their permanent homes!