Dilly, affectionately known as “Silly Dilly,” arrived as a new hatchling five weeks ago. It wasn’t until I took her out of the brooder and let her run around outside in the garden for the first time that I noticed her legs have not developed properly. Dilly’s legs do not fully extend. It is as if she’s walking on her legs and not just her feet. She uses this kind of waddle/crawl to get around.

Dilly Standing

Dilly in the front left standing at full height.

She is smaller than the other ducks (Oscar, Hera, and Quackers) who were hatched the same day. Her feathers still have a tinge of yellow in them while the others are snowy white. When the ducks race off, she typically brings up the rear. When they go swimming, Dilly usually waits until the others are finished before she hops in for her bath.

Dilly Our Physically Challenged Duck

Dilly, front and center.

Since she is different, I worried that the other ducks would exclude her from things. I went so far as to put out a second feed dish so she wouldn’t miss out on meals.

If the other ducks see her as different, I think they have reacted by protecting her rather than excluding her. When they do their duck huddle Dilly is often in the middle, protected by the others. Although maybe I’m projecting human emotions into the picture.

She is lucky to have arrived at Downeast Thunder Farm. We find her so very endearing; she will always have a home with us – her only job is to make us smile.

Eggs would be appreciated, too.

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