We’ve spent the last three nights since we introduced The Girls and The Colonel to their run chasing them to put them away for the night (read about that debacle here). Tonight, at about 8:30 we went outside and prepared for round four.

I figured that I was smarter than these chickens and didn’t need to be chasing them around a pen. I brought a flashlight. My plan was to put the flashlight on in the chicken coop so they’d be drawn into this warm, welcoming, cozy place. Smart, right?

I get to the coop and there is nobody outside. I peeked in the door and here’s what I found. They figured it out! Most of them were on their roost and a bundle of buffs were huddled up together in the corner. Very cool.

Chickens on a Roost

buff orpingtons down for the night

Then I went inside and pulled these pics off the camera and started counting. Six barred rock hens, one rooster and four buffs (that I can identify). Where are the other two buffs? Are they buried in this little pile? I trucked back out to the chicken coop in the dark with my flashlight. A walk around the coop shining the light confirmed that there was no chicken left outside.

Nutty, huh? At least now I can sleep!