The sun was setting tonight as Paul and I finished putting the roofing on the chicken coop. The frogs were croaking, the crickets chirping and the mosquitoes were on the war path. Halfway up the ladder I peered through the coop window and saw that The Girls had discovered their roost! Of course I ran for the camera.

That’s The Colonel in the foreground. He’s roosting on the water dispenser.

They definitely know it’s nighttime. They’re all settling in for a snooze.

settling in for the night

The meat chickens were all snuggled up together in their coop when we checked on them. We hustled them out into their pen so we could fill their water and food.

They were not happy about this at all. I think they instinctively know that night is a dangerous time to be out and about.

They were pushing and shoving trying to get the top spot on the ramp near the door. As soon as the door opened they raced inside as if the boogie-man was on their tail!

time for bed

Sleep tight Peepsters!