We made a trip to town yesterday and turned the Prius into a pickup truck again. As we were cruising along, the AC blasting to keep the child in the back seat happy, I looked down at the mileage display and snapped this pic (Paul was driving).

418 miles on this tank of gas with an average of 51.4 miles per gallon!

I Love My Prius!

great prius mileage

When I was researching this car almost five years ago, there were some naysayers who said things like…

“That kind of car won’t work here, (rural Maine) that car’s made for city driving.”
“Those cars cost too much, you’re just swapping gas money for a car payment.”

  • There’s 96,000 miles on the car
  • That’s 1,920 gallons of gas (based on 50 mpg)
  • In my old car that would have been 3,692 gallons of gas (26 mpg)
  • That’s a savings of 1,772 gallons of fuel or $6,202 ($3.50/gallon avg)

Now who has the last laugh?!

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