Thursday was a dry day. We haven’t had many of those lately and Paul said that he was going to work on the chicken coop doors. I inquired about how he was going to do this.

He said that he was going to use the siding the he’d cut out for the door opening and put some hinges on  it – nothing fancy.

This did not sound at all like what I’d pictured in my head for the chicken coop door.  “So you’re not going to frame it up and trim it out?” I asked.

Immediately Paul got frustrated with me. This happens sometimes when I question his intentions on things.  “You’re talking big money then,” he replied.

“Now don’t get upset with me – I’m just trying to understand,” I said. Understand why I can’t have what I want without a big price tag. This is definitely a low budget operation. “I was hoping for something that would look cute.”

So we went on about this for a few more minutes before I headed out to work. When I arrived home later in the day I found cute on a budget. No fancy jams, just a shed door, but he trimmed it out with strapping. He called it a 50-footer. That means that it looks good from 50 feet he told me. Works for me.

I reminded him that this is a hen house. Not a rooster house. Chicks worry about these things. And as a friend recently said, “Happy chickens lay good eggs.

Thanks, honey!

Chicken Coop Doors

Below shows the nesting box door where we can gather the eggs. Now onto roofing and windows!

nesting box opening