digging through my flower gardenToday’s project on the “farm” was digging ditches. Not my idea of fun, but I think Paul enjoyed himself. Boys and their toys.

I am forever running three garden hoses strung together down to the raised bed gardens near the chicken coop – 150′ away from the house. Paul suggested that we run a seasonal waterline down to the area along with power for the chicken coop. Electricity will be handy when we need to keep the Girls’ water from freezing in the winter. This could be a pricey project, but we happen to have left over from the house project underground insulated electrical wire and plastic water line.

digging ditches

Paul started off the project by dragging me outside to “consult” on the placement of things – said he wanted to make sure that we were “on the same page.” Smart move on his part considering he needed to dig through my flower garden for the water line. (I think maybe he read yesterday’s post.)