For about three years we have threatened to start a backyard flock of chickens. Paul took a class two summers ago where he learned how to butcher a chicken. It turns out that this is the year! Paul is finishing up a chick brooder and I have just placed an order for 25 chickens from a poultry farm!

Here’s what’s coming our way on June 1st.

Buff Orpington Chicks – These are brown egg layers. They are reported to be “docile with a good disposition.” I ordered 6 pullets (girls).

Barred Rock Chicks – These are brown egg layers and are reported to have a friendly disposition and are good for cold weather climates. I ordered 6 pullets and one male.

Both of the above are purported to be good dual purpose breeds  – so if there are any trouble makers they’re going in the soup pot!

Cornish Rock Chicks – These are a fast growing meat bird ready to butcher between 7 and 9 weeks of age. I ordered a dozen straight run (whatever hatches!) of these since they’re all destined for the freezer.

Now Paul has to get serious about building a cute chicken coop! One more thing for the “honey do” list.