Paul and I have finally settled on a chicken coop design and layout. This resolution did not come without a bit of frustration. We each had our own idea of how it ought to be built and where it should go. Turns out that we were pretty much on the same page all along, but we didn’t quite communicate that very well.

So, we’re building a chicken coop. Since Hannah has had little input into this process, she asked if she can choose the color. I agreed, as long as she chooses a color I like. We both agree that the coup should be cute. If we’re going to have to look at this from the porch, I want it to be fun. Paul interprets this as expensive. He finally bowed out and said that he was the engineer and builder and  he would leave the decorating to us. So after a trip to the hardware store, Hannah and I have identified a few color choices for consideration. What do you think?

chicken coop colors