muddy logging roadIt was a beautiful first day of Spring today. A prelude to the predicted 4-8 inches of snow coming tomorrow. I took a stroll up to where the logging company is stacking the logs they are harvesting off of our property. The stack on the right  represents about 10 truck loads of wood that will go to the mill. The stack on the left is wood that will go through a chipper – about five truck loads. The Forester working on this project tells us that this is about 1/3 of the wood they have cut. The rest is still waiting to be hauled out.

lots of logs

muddy logging roadThe catch is that the “winter road” the logging company put in is turning to mush (click here for the before picture). The town has posted “No Heavy Load” signs on most of the secondary roads. Heavy vehicles can only run on the road if the temperature is at least 32 degrees. This means that the lumber company has been working in the middle of the night when the temperature is cold enough. Once the logs pictured above are hauled out, the logging activity will likely come to a screeching halt until the “No Heavy Load” restrictions are lifted on May 11.