Work by the lumber company recommenced today. We could hear the rumble of the tree cutting machine running in the background for the better part of the morning. When things quieted down we went for a stroll to see what they had been up to. We found a path leading from the landing area. We followed the path to see where it went.

skid road

skid roadWe walked. And walked. We walked over the river (okay stream) and through the woods. And up the hill, sloshing through the melting snow. Ginger and I in Gumby mode took the lead while Paul (AKA Pokey) brought up the rear.

We covered an amazing amount of ground and discovered that the tree harvesting machine had cut a path diagonally from the landing area to the back left corner of our property. According to the plan, this is “skid road,” the path they will use to skid out the trees they harvest on the back 30.