We have this wonderful steel roof on our little house tucked in the woods. When it’s raining we hear a gentle pitter-patter on the roof. When it’s snowing we tend to have an avalanche. The snow will build up on the roof and then come flying off all at once. There’s a rumble and then thwump, thwump, thwump, thwump as the avalanche of snow hits the ground outside.

This first snow of the winter has been just a little different. As the snow on the roof was beginning its gentle slide off the roof, the temperature must have dropped. For the past three days, this is the view out of my kitchen window.

And the view of my kitchen from the outside.

Hannah has offered to toss snowballs at the hanging frozen snow in order to break it off, but I’ve discouraged her. I have visions of broken windows.

Makes a curiously pretty picture.