Hannah started the sixth grade on Tuesday. Although Paul and I were dancing and singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” one member of our family is not celebrating.

Snape the cat, AKA “Boo” or “Boo-boo Bear” has been in mourning. We have two cats and a dog, but Hannah is Snape’s human. They are best buddies. He sleeps with her, patiently waiting for her to get tucked in at night so he can take up his post at the foot of the bed and guard her. He will tolerate almost anything Hannah does to him from constant hugs and snuggles to being dressed up in baby clothes.

Shortly after Hannah left for school on Tuesday, Snape came into my office crying and dragging a pair of Hannah’s gym shorts around in his mouth. He didn’t seem to understand where she was or what he should do with himself. He roamed around crying endlessly. Finally, he headed into Hannah’s room not to be seen again until she returned home.

Snape the CatThis morning I had some running around to do. I returned home  to find Snape wandering around, seemingly lost. He had clearly been busy. Deposited right in the middle of the dining room were four dirty dish towels liberated from the laundry room and a pair of Hannah’s shorts. Now my floor may not be spotless, but I didn’t leave this pile on the floor. Snape opted not to get too close to the evidence and scooted back when I tried to snap his picture with the shorts hanging out of his mouth (he’s there hanging out in the background). I’m not sure what’s up with this cat. He hauls miscellaneous items around the house calling out for Hannah. It’s almost like they become his security blanket when Hannah’s gone, providing him comfort. The weekend can’t come too soon for Snape! But truth be told, I miss Hannah too.